austin78704 is proud to serve small business clients, non-profits, artists
and independent musicians around the world.

As a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to find an affordable way to connect to prospective clients via an online presence.
Our many years of experience and very reasonable rates will serve you well. Discount rates for 501(c) organizations.

Click on the topics below for additional information. Thank you for your interest.

Site Design

Design is our forté. This is where we create your web site from your ideas and our inspiration. The design is tailored to your specific needs... clean, serious and informative for the professional... fun and flashy for the artist... or anything in between.

Site design is a science and an art...

... if visitors cannot easily find what they are looking for or be presented with the information you wish to impart, then the site fails.

... if the site is not pleasing to the eye, or if it looks like it was thrown together without thought, then your visitor will not take you and your work seriously.

Site Maintenance

Yes, maintenance services are available for your current site and all new sites.

We can design a site from scratch or refurbish your current site.

Happy with how quickly your current webmaster updates your site? If not, contact us.


Here are links to a few current clients' sites. Have a look at the various designs or check our references.

Domain Names

Your Domain Name is your address on the Internet. You register the name of your choice to reserve that name for your exclusive use, such as Unfortunately, not all certified registrars are the same.

We are able to provide low cost domain registrations, saving you the time for finding a reputable registrar and the time to fill in all those complicated forms. Plus, if you register a name through austin78704, we will automatically renew it every year so you don't have to worry about forgetting and losing your domain name.

Your Domain Name is yours and, as long as you renew the registration as needed, it will follow you to your new ISP, new host service, or new webmaster if you chose. Now you can have an email and address that will work for you no matter how you move about.

Confused? Contact us for a free consultation that will answer all your questions.

Hosting Services

Complete web site hosting services are available for site design clients, on fast reliable servers.

Confused by all the hosting services out there? Not sure how much space you need or the type of server? austin78704 will provide all the space you need on state of the art, reliable servers so you don't have to worry about any of the technical issues.

Complete web site hosting services are available for site design clients, only.

All sites are backed-up in multiple locations, so you never have to worry about losing data.

We will provide maintenance services for your site.

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